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QWhy choose Trusted Care Providers?
ATrusted Care Providers is a unique company offering a personalize service to our clients. We take the necessary steps in securing you and your family by employing certified professionals whose passion is caring for our clients. Our care givers are trained experts within their fields and are highly experienced nurses, nannies and housekeepers. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with our clients.
QDo I pay the nanny directly or the company?
AAll payments must be paid directly to the company and any gratuity should be paid directly to the nanny.
QWhy use a nanny company?
AWorking with an agency saves you the time and effort it takes to properly screen a care provider. There are various checks that should be performed and are very costly if done privately. Agencies know what to look for in a childcare provider by taking time to perform the necessary checks and balances along with reviewing all references. It makes the process efficient and convenient for you when selecting your child care provider. We match the nannies’ skills and experience levels to your families’ needs.
QWhat if I am running a few minutes late and the nanny is at my home, should I call the office?

Communication is very important. We rely on consistent and clear communication. In the event that you are running late, please call the office immediately so that we may notify the nanny. In the event that the office is closed, please contact the nanny directly to notify him/her of your expected time of arrival or to reschedule.

Please be conscious of our nanny’s time. For more information on stipulations regarding extended time and cancellations, please refer to your contract/package agreement.

QWhat can your company do that I cannot do myself?
ATrusted Care Providers, Inc. is a care provider service that matches you with the right care giver to meet your family's needs. By using TCP, you will save time, and our experts will also help to guide you through the various stages of the selection process. We, as a company, will save you the time and energy it takes to find a qualified caregiver.
QHow do you screen your local nannies/caregivers?

We personally interview each and every local applicant to assess his or her suitability. To qualify, the applicant must have five years’ experience accompanied by at least two strong references. A lengthy application is completed by each applicant along with documentation of legal status. Only candidates who pass our screening process are hired.

We put all our employees through a rigorous background and reference check. We speak with each of the applicant's references and document the necessary information regarding the applicant’s character, experience, and work ethics. In addition, all applicants are tested and given a thorough medical check. They must take our assessment based on his/her expertise and pass with 100% in order to become an employee of TCP. Once an applicant is hired, he/she must undergo training quarterly. Our team facilitates a workshop to ensure each staff member is meeting our company standards. 

QHow do you screen overseas caregivers?
AUltimately, overseas caregivers are screened and approved of by the country of origin's compliance requirements. The same rigorous background, medical, and reference checks are performed along with any additional requirements as deemed by that country. All overseas applicants are met in person by one of our overseas recruiters.
QWhat is the difference between a nanny agency and a nanny company?
AA nanny company is a liability company that is responsible for their employees. All caregivers are employed by the company and have a code of ethics in which to comply. Whereas, a nanny agency does not employ the nanny, it serves as a liaison between the nanny and the client serving as a match-making service.