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Children's Sports

Children's Sports 

These activities are geared toward the specific interests of each child. As your child grows, his or her interests tend to change as well. We offer the following options which will appeal to both genders and are varied enough to hold their attention while teaching them important life skills:
Since Barbados is an island, swimming is an invaluable life-skill here. These classes can be done at your residence or at The Aquatic Center in the same pool in which our Olympic hopefuls train.
Trained and Certified instructors will teach each child not just self-defense but also self-discipline and how to defuse negative situations. Children will have fun and challenge themselves as they learn various forms and levels of defense.
Your child will feel free to embrace his or her creative and expressive side by enrolling in ballet lessons. See the pride and joy on their faces as they practice and rehearse for upcoming productions. Who knows, they may even earn the lead!
Is your child the next tennis star? Enroll him or her in tennis lessons and feed their competitive and determined nature. What them shine on the court as they learn new techniques and improve their game.
The polo season is very esteemed and well-attended in Barbados. Celebs and even royalty often attend and compete in matches. Give your active child the skill of learning this unique sport which masters horseback riding and hand-eye coordination, while you network with parents and make valuable connections on and off the island.
Flip Gym offers gymnastics programs for the whole family! From 18 months to adults there is a class to suit you. We have Parent & Tot, Kinder-Gym and recreational classes for children. we also have competitive classes available for our specially selected athletes and adults.

Tutoring Service

Tutoring Service 

Barbados Premiere Tutoring Service

Trusted Care Providers is the Barbados area's first decision for quality in-home tutoring. We work with children of ages 4-11. Our tutors have broad experience in giving one-on-one tutoring in math, English, and reading. In addition, our tutors can give academic coaching and help your kid learn crucial hierarchical procedures and study abilities that help performance in all zones.

Initially, we by and by match your kid with the correct Tutor for his or her learning style and individual needs. At that point, we put your kid in an adaptable, centered learning center with every one of the assets and supports they need to enhance their testing scores. What's more, is that you get the significant peace of mind knowing you have a genuine partner in your kid's prosperity.
What separates Trusted Care Providers is the interestingly customized way to deal with private tutoring. We understand that one size does not fit all – each child has remarkable needs and learning styles. We match your children with a tutor in view of their academic needs and in addition their personality and learning style and we customize our approach in light of the individual needs of your children.
  • Tutoring in the comfort of your own home
  • Certified teachers and subject specialists
  • Tailored one-to-one lessons
  • Progress reports everyday, corresponding with teachers
  • Take advantage of our flexible scheduling
  • Reasonable rates
Make everything add up. One-on-one tutoring=success.

A showed marker for future success:

Studies from education and business groups all concur: math skills are a key marker of academic performance, and general test scores. Get the help your children needs to prevail in math and assemble a solid future.
Our English tutors are certified instructors and specialists in reading and writing. They will help understand your classwork and enhance your grades and certainty through one-on-one tutoring.

Our tutors can help with:

  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar
Our tutors are accessible seven days a week for customized one-on-one lessons. We work cooperatively with your children's tutor and give you an advanced report after every session specifying progress that was made and regions that still should be tended to.

Foreign Language Tutoring

Foreign Language Tutoring 

Foreign Language Tutoring in Barbados

At Trusted Care Providers, we offer coaching lessons in Spanish and French. In the event that you need coaching in another language, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Our Foreign Language tutors are all familiar with their separate language of skill, and in addition, very prepared and experienced. They know precisely where a student may experience difficulty and create lessons as indicated by the student's personality and requirements.

Our tutors are accessible seven days a week for customized one-on-one lessons. We work cooperatively with your kid's tutor and give you an advance report after every session listing progress that was made and zones that still should be tended to.
Here at Trusted Care Providers, we'll help you improve grades in your foreign language classes! We offer private tutoring for students who require support in their language learning ventures. Whether you require tutoring in Spanish or French, our sessions are tweaked to your own particular individual needs.
Furnishing support with language homework and test planning is just a little part of what we do. Additionally we offer these instructive services:
  • Support and readiness for high school and college foreign language course entry necessities
  • Help with make-up work for foreign language academic credit
  • Give you an exceptional plan for studying abroad
  • Help with SAT II foreign language test readiness
  • Provide practice SAT and course work for test readiness
  • Offer additional support with foreign language programs as needed

Private Spanish Lessons

Trusted Care Providers offers Individual Spanish classes to students or small groups of up to three students with a comparable level who are searching for customized one-on-one time with a professional Spanish teacher.
These classes offer extreme flexibility and can be custom-fitted to your necessities, making it an extraordinary choice for business experts, associates, or some other individual or little group searching for exceedingly customized consideration and quickened learning.
You will have a consultant who can set up a customized program that is intended to help you accomplish your goals. Extra exercises might be sorted out, including organization visits or social trips to compliment and fortify the educational curriculum.
Private Spanish lessons are an awesome approach to ensure that you learn particular Spanish words and pick up the discussion skills that you need for your expert field or particular interest.

In the event that you need flexibility or feel like you will profit more from learning at your own particular pace, personalized instruction is the best answer for you!


  • Instruction is accessible for grown-ups, teens and kids at all levels of capability
  • Tutoring in French for kids and teens
  • Lessons can be taken one-on-one or in small groups
  • Groups are composed according to levels
  • Lessons are custom-made to your specific needs: looking over existing abilities, additional assistance for school, get ready for a particular event or for the individuals who just need to learn French with an expert mentor and native French speaker.

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